Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Although I’ve lived in NW England my whole life, and Pendle Hill is famous in this area, and one you can see for miles around, I’ve never actually hiked it until today. Although in this pandemic, the region has the ‘very high’ Tier 3 restrictions, we can still meet in proper outdoor spaces (i.e. not someones back garden) in groups of up to 6. So 5 of us met on a cool but sunny October Sunday morning, for a 2 hour hike with the Bee Sober Manchester hiking group.

Quite a steep ascent, that came as a bit of a shock, and made me wonder if all those squats i’d been doing with my online workouts had actually done any good. But once we approached the summit, it levelled off and the views across Lancashire and over to Yorkshire were stunning. So many more hikes and hills in the distance, gave us all plenty of ideas for future hikes.

Pendle Hill is actually famous in the area for being the place of witch trials in the 1600’s and a couple of months ago, myself and friend booked on a witches walk in the nearby village of Newchurch, which I guess I’ll write up later. But today, our hiking group met up a little further over in Barley, there’s a free carpark (donation box optional), meeting at 10AM we managed to get a parking space, but it must have been 3/4 full at that time already, there are also toilets and a cafe on site, so its a pretty popular meeting spot.

We took the long way round walking towards the Lower Ogden reservoir, before taking a tough ascent across fields, and then joining the path to the summit. We then headed straight down on the paved path, meeting a lot of weary looking hikers making thier way up. Although we complained (or at least I did) how tough our ascent was, it actually looked pretty tame compared to the more direct but steeper ascent that goes up the Pendle Way.

Just over 2 hours later, we were back down, and having lunch and a coffee sat outside at the carpark cafe and I was home mid afternoon, for a rest on the sofa, perfect.