Post lockdown travel plans

Travel is starting to open up, but I’m reluctant to start booking many trips, as things are still so uncertain, and with 4/5 trips cancelled last year, I am hesistant to spend any more time emailing and spending hours on the phone trying to reschedule tours and claiming back refunds.

So, Peru that was scheduled for Sept 2020, its on hold till 2022, but im hoping to extend it to a longer trip to South America, covering a few countries.  It will be my first visit to that continent, so with almost 2 years of no travel, I plan to take full advantage and spend longer over there that I had initially planned, fingers crossed.

Until then, I hope to visit Portugal with my mother in October for a city break, and this summer will be full of walks, and trips within the UK, to catch up with all my friends I have missed this past year. . . .

and then I gave up alcohol & started hiking

One of the things I wanted to do since getting a bit (ahem) older was start hiking and getting fitter. Getting out and exploring the local area, and ticking off local hikes, felt like something to keep my wanderlust alive inbetween seeing new countries. Also, since giving up alcohol in July 2020 I wanted to find a new social group in the area that also wanted to hang out alcohol free. I had searched the internet and just before Covid hit in March (2020) I found Bee Sober via Instagram, they had arranged sober meet ups, from full on night outs, hiking, coffee mornings and more. Of course, just as I found them, everything stopped as the country went into lockdown, but once things loosened in around July time, the group started up again, this time organising hikes as it was the only way we could meet up. So I joined and so far I’ve done around 6 weekend walks, and met a super bunch of like minded people.

Im going to write up my hikes here, as well as other hikes I’m doing to keep busy during this pandemic, but also with a view to hiking a few more exotic destinations once travel restrictions open up *fingers crossed*. Of course, I should have hiked Machu Picchu last month, but Covid had other plans. Ive also bought a digital camera, I’ve not had one for years, as I have a habit of breaking them, but I thought hiking new places and taking photos seemed like a good way of getting though this pandemic, and so far weather permitting, its working.

“Perhaps there is no thrill so great as that which comes with a walk in the freshness of morning air.”
― Hellen Keller