Coffee, Kombucha and Dairy Free Ice Cream – LA Style 🇺🇸

A slight change for this post, writing up my last visit to LA I was conscious it could have turned into a War and Peace type epic if I had included all the places I have enjoyed eating and drinking over the years here as well. So this post is just that, a collection of some of the spots that I have enjoyed visiting in Los Angeles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and late night drinks. Cheers!

Mornings – I will start with breakfast and coffee as any good day should start and at the famous and original Los Angeles Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax. Originally a large ranch in the late 1800’s, it wasn’t until the 1930’s when the idea of starting a small village for farmers to sell their wares came to fruition and the Farmers Market was born. Open from 9am-9pm (different on weekends) you could easily visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but I think its a nice way start to the day before the tour buses arrive. As well as food stalls there are also vendors selling clothes, candles, flowers and even a dog bakery. With over 30 different places to buy fresh food, coffee and alcohol, its worth doing a full tour of the place before deciding where to eat, last time I had French toast and my friend had an Armenian breakfast.


Marmalade Cafe is a small chain with about 7 locations in the LA area, open from 9am till late they serve breakfast lunch and dinner, with a decent range of coffee, teas and champagne cocktails. There is one squeezed in between the Farmers Market and the gorgeously designed Grove Shopping Mall should you fancy a sit down between shopping. The Grove is definitely worth a visit if you are close by, as well a great mix of shops and a cinema, there is a real diverse spread of restaurants and bars, although the shops don’t open till around 10am, some of the cafes and restaurants open up at 9am for breakfast and are open till 11pm for late night food and drinks. I haven’t tried Umami Burger yet, but it’s on my list for next time.

Another place with 2 locations in LA that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner is Swingers. I find a lot of breakfast places in the US are really heavy on eggs, but as I don’t eat them this place was perfect, as they had a great selection of egg free vegetarian and vegan options and the coffee was pretty good too.

 Swingers on Beverly Blvd.

The International House of Pancakes or IHOP is maybe not a place you would associate with health conscious LA, although it is a chain that originated in California. Even though I have been visiting the USA for over 20 years, I hadn’t visited any IHOP’s until 2015 when I visited the one on Sunset Blvd. As well as burgers, sandwiches and soups, they serve an extensive mouthwatering list of pancakes, waffles and French toast, if you’re jetlagged, hungover and hungry (I was all three) it definitely ticks all the boxes as a cheeky one off treat.

Heading towards the coast, if you are in and around Santa Monica, you can’t go wrong exploring the length of Third Street Promenade which is full of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants and if you still can’t find something you like, head to the food court at Santa Monica Place grab a protein bowl or breakfast wrap with a smoothie from the Fresh Healthy Cafe and sit outside in the sun.

You are spoilt for choice for great breakfast and coffee places in Venice Beach, and there are many websites out there giving you detailed instructions for finding that perfect latte or cold brew. On my recent visit I enjoyed an almond cappuccino at Espresso Yo Self just by venice boardwalk and an interesting green tea latte and delicious pastry from Cafe Cielo. One final breakfast recommendation is the cafe/restaurant Rose, housed in a gorgeous space with both indoor and outdoor seating, its own bakery, a fresh Californian menu, a coffee bar and cocktail area, I’m definitely returning for dinner next time.


Afternoons. Many of the places I have mentioned for breakfast are suitable for lunches too, but one particular gem I found last month was Lemonade. Focussing on fresh Californian seasonal ingredients, you create your own mixtures of salads, and there is a great choice of meat, vegetarian and vegan options and not surprisingly, delicious thirst quenching lemonades.  We visited the one in West Hollywood, but more and more are popping up around LA, including one in Venice and one in Santa Monica, I remember the kale and tangerine salad being majorly tasty.

If you’re heading up towards Warner Studios for a tour, it will be hard to miss Bobs Big Burger the quintessential 1950’s coffee shop/diner. We stopped here for lunch before heading to the taping of a show one year, I ate meat a lot more back then, so had the big boy burger, but nowadays the menu is more vegetarian friendly I’m pleased to report.

This last visit to LA, we made a wonderful discovery of the organic natural supermarket Erewhon, I could have easily spent a good hour wandering the aisles of the stores of which there are 3, one on Beverly Blvd, one in Venice and one up in Calabases. Full of freshly made salads, sushi and sandwiches to go, a juice and coffee bar, fridges filled with the latest in kombucha and activated charcoal lemonade (yes I tried one!) protein bars and even shots of clay (had one of those too). We visited a few times last month to stock up on cold drinks and made picnics to take to the beach and the hills.


My last lunch recommendation is basically anywhere with outdoor seating that doesn’t completely break the bank in Bel Air or Beverly Hills, the people watching will be amazing. My friend and I still talk about our lunch that we had a Momed two years later where we sat right by the pavement, with paparazzi and celebs walk past and overhearing film deals taking place. The food was pretty good too, but it was all about our location and the stories we came away with.


Dairy free – Ice Cream. As I don’t tolerate dairy very well, enjoying ice cream is few and far between nowadays when travelling, but dairy free ice cream is pretty easy to come by in LA, so here are two epic recommendations.

Little Damage Located in downtown, we took a trip here specifically to try the ice cream which is made daily with local ingredients. They always have one vegan flavour and are served in the most delicious chewy black charcoal cone. Well worth a visit!
  Little Damage
Kippys Ice Cream Is a 100% none dairy ice cream parlour in Venice Beach, all ice creams are made with 5 organic ingredients or less, and come with a range of toppings such as bee pollen, cacao nibs or goji berries. Open till 11pm, it made a great post taco tre  Kippys None Dairy Ice Cream Parlour

Evenings. I always enjoy a night out on Sunset Blvd, so many bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants, I think the best approach is see where the winds takes you, thats always how we end up finding somewhere. If there is such a thing as an iconic burger bar, then In-n-out must qualify, its good to remember that they stay open till 1am on Sunset, which was around the time when we visited whilst waiting for our uber at then end of a boozy night out. During another visit to the strip, we found ourselves in the Pink Taco, great music and friendly vibe with a menu chocked full of tacos, enchiladas, and a daily happy hour featuring frozen margaritas! Last month, my friend and I just fancied some beers and a few small plates and ended up in The Den on Sunset the food was to die for, especially the cauliflower wings and with a happy hour and fire pit in the outdoor courtyard, it ticked all the boxes.

 Spicy Cauliflower wings on Sunset.

If you fancy a meal out along Hollywood Blvd, then you can’t go wrong creating your own burger at 25 degrees, situated inside the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, I visited it about 10 years ago and I’m pleased to see its still going strong, looking at the updated menu, I may need to return when I’m next over for sure.

Over in Santa Monica I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find somewhere nice to eat along Third Street Promenade or along Ocean Ave. There are many places covering all budgets, from small Italian cafes, English pubs, Thai, Mexican, Mediterranean and fresh local American restaurants. If you fancy viewing it from above, take the lift up to the Cheesecake Factory in Santa Monica place and get a seat on the terrace, as well as ginormous cheesecakes, they serve cocktails and small plates, I’d recommend the Korean fried cauliflower with a glass of prosecco!

Down the shoreline in Venice you have a whole range of options along the boardwalk, some touristy and loud, but not all and despite the beach front location, they aren’t all overpriced either, so it’s worth a wander. Last time we chose Venice Beach Bar and sat upstairs overlooking the beach, watching the glorious sunset, listening to the drum circle, while drinking cold beers and sharing a platter of kale and sweet potato tacos.

Late Night. If you fancy visiting the newest and hippest bars in town, then don’t use this blog as a reference lol, use Time Out LA instead, I’m just all about casual, friendly inexpensive places that serve local beers and play decent music. The Rainbow Bar and Grill has become a bit of a tradition when on a night out on the Sunset Strip even though I’m not particularly into rock music, I’m more of an indie girl (Women? Now I’m 42).  There’s no denying its historic past, a who’s who of rock and movie stars have drunk here since the early 70’s some pretty much living here, and you can’t help but feel the past tales of debauchary seeping from the walls. You can sit outside by the iconic strip, or head inside and pick a booth and since Lemmy past away, there is now a dedicated Lemmy Lounge with a statue of the great man himself, which is fast before a tourist spot in its own right, I can’t wait to return again, a brilliant night out is always guaranteed.

Saddle Ranch Chop House describes itself as a ‘destination restaurant’ which I think means as well as serving food and drink, due to its loud music, outdoor fire pits, big screen tv’s, huge bar and oh yeah a mechanical bull which you can ride, diners end up having a great night out in and of itself here. I haven’t eaten here or ridden the bull (honest!) but have grabbed a booth with the idea of staying for one drink and ended up staying a lot longer. One last place we found last time on the Strip was a restaurant/bar called The Everleigh, we saw a gorgeous outdoor courtyard all lit up, looking a little fancier than the places we usually visit, but it still gave off a welcoming vibe, so we ventured in and spent a good hour putting the world to rights with the friendly bartender, whilst sampling the Rose wine at the bar.

Although I have stayed in downtown LA on previous trips, I haven’t really many recommendations for bars in this area, as I think we tended to gravitate towards Hollywood and the coast. One place we did visit though, was the Standard Rooftop, which had entered my radar after I had stayed at the Standard on Sunset. Its Downtown relative is famous for its bar not surprisingly on the roof of the hotel, with insane views across the downtown skyline, a pool, waterbed pods, a dance floor and fireplace. Definitely a place to dress up for, and be prepared to spend some time and money queuing with the beautiful people at the bar, but it was fun for a one off.

  Waterpods and Milkshakes.

A great way to finish the night is to head to the iconic Mels Drive-in, there are 7 locations around the city, but the one on Sunset is open 24/7. Of course you can go for breakfast or lunch, and it’s great during the day, but I love the atmosphere in the early hours, when everyone is slightly drunk, ordering sliders and milkshakes whilst deciding whether to call an uber home or to carry on to another bar.

Finally, if British pubs are more your thing, there are a few gems in LA. I wouldn’t normally visit anything remotely modelling themselves as a British pub when abroad, but these three – The Cat and the FiddleThe Pig & Whistle and Ye Olde Kings Head have real character with unique back stories and have firmly planted themselves in the history books of this city.


Before you go – Tipping is an essential but potentially confusing component for anyone visiting the US. I believe it’s acceptable to pay $1-2 in a bar for wine or beer, increasing if you’ve ordered a fancy cocktail that’s taken time to prepare. In a cafe or restaurant it’s between 15-20% of the bill, so if you spent $20 you would tip an extra $3-4.