Just an update . .

Dad died back in the summer, so I have been resting , figuring out what to do next and trying to make sense of the last few years since he became ill.

It has been a good 7 months since I updated my blog, but it has always been on my mind to continue writing up my travels, but I just havent had the energy or focus.

But I still have been travelling, not as much as I would have liked, but hopefully that will change soon, and I am now up to 50 countries, with number 51 happening this coming weekend, yay!

Anyway, I am planning to start writing my travels again, and look forward to posting more of my adventures.

Emma x




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I am Emma Jane, a 40 something from the UK, with permanent wanderlust. This journal is tales of my past and present travel adventures. I hope to visit at least 100 countries around the globe, all the counties in the UK and all 50 US states. Welcome along. Next trip- Italy

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